Irish Week

Irish Week

At Lakeview preschool we aim to include all families in our curriculum, offering opportunities throughout the year to learn about the different cultures of the families that attend the centre. In accordance to this, this week the Children at Lakeview Preschool have been learning all about Ireland! The Koala room has involved the children in the event by playing Irish music, and allowing the children to express their creativity through orange, white, and green butterfly painting. The Wallaby room has learnt about Ireland through brief discussions, and through the use of images on the IPad. They have also been offered the opportunity to create Leprechauns through hand printing, and were encouraged to participate in Irish dancing! As the children are older in the Platypus room, they have been very involved in the learning process. The children have viewed a range of images of Ireland, or Irish themes, and have engaged in discussions with educators to gain a further understanding about the country. Some of the things they have been introduced to have been the Irish flag, shamrocks, leprechauns, and where Ireland is situated on the world map. The children have shared their knowledge with their educators throughout the week, which has been added to the display, and are encouraged to ask questions when desired. The children have also created the Irish flag through hand printing, and participated in Irish dancing.

All of these experiences increase the children’s ability to achieve outcome 1.3 ‘Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities’, and outcome 2.1 ‘Children respond to diversity with respect’ of The Early Years Learning Framework.


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