Our year so far...

Our year so far...

Its now September and so we thought we would take some time to go back through our year so far..



In January we held our Australia Day water party, where the children came in their swimmers and had a blast running through the sprinkler, playing in the water and having a sausage sizzle for lunch! We had tattoos, flags and even listened to some old Australian classics like "Home among the gum tree's" and more. 

We also had a Chinese New Year small celebration, where we learnt all about the Chinese culture and tried some foods, watched videos on how they celebrate etc.



In February we held our school photos! Watching everyone dressed in nice clothes, laughing at Elmo and Dora playing tricks on the photographers and sitting on their heads was quite the funny moment.



In March, We held a crazy hair day to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. It was so much fun getting our hair sprayed different colours, looking at the funny styles people had their hair in and even making our own hair styles using collage.

We also dressed in green for St Patricks day and tried out some Irish jigging. We ate some Irish food looked at lots of pictures of the beautiful country that it Ireland.



We had our very first Easter Hat Parade!! It was awesome, our families came and we marched around the yard to some Aussie Easter and had some much fun in the lead up to the parade in making our hats. it was a great afternoon.

We also stopped to remember our ANZAC's and remember all of the things they did for our freedom in Australia.



We brought in our Teddy Bears to raise awareness for Bandage Bear's, we loved having sandwiches and eating lunch with our friends and their favourite stuffed little mates.

We also enjoyed having some high tea with our Mums for Mothers Day and making them a special gift, we loved planning this with our teachers and getting to pout these thing together for our very special mums.

We all came together to read The cow jumped over the moon for National Simultaneous Story time. The children all loved this story and wanted to read it again and again.

We even had a special visit from the fire brigade at Warrawong, they came to preschool to show us their uniform, their truck and talk to us about what they do. We even got to spray the hose!! It was so much fun.



We had Scottish day, where we tried shortbread, listened to bag pipes and even made some quilts using tartan! It was so much fun!

We had a Red disco to raise funds for Red Nose day hosted by SIDS for KIDS. We danced to the iheart radio playlist and won prizes for our dancing!



In July, we got to wear our pjs to school for a whole week!! It was so warm and cozy! We enjoyed seeing if we matched pjs with our friends, and of course wearing our slippers and dressing gowns to school.

We had the people from the local Recycling company come and talk to us about what goes in each bin, how things get recycled, why we have to recycle and why its important. The ladies even gave us gift bags with some things we could do at home! We felt very special.


We wore our Jeans and raise a small amount of money for Jeans for Genes day. We used old recycled jeans to make new jeans for craft and we loved this!!

We learned about all things science for National Science week. We did all sorts of experiments like making crystals. learning about space, dying flowers, making gummy bear lollies grow and making volcanoes. 

We had Cook Islander Day, where we watched some of their traditional dances and we ate some of their foods. We even got traditional tattoos by some Cook Islanders! The children also listened to the island drum beats and loved this the best.

We also participated in book week! We loved coming in costume and seeing everyone dressed up, using our favourite book characters as inspiration and  sharing our favourite books with our friends.

We even dressed in Yellow to raise funds for Daffodil day, hosted by the Cancer Council. We looked very bright and happy in our yellow.

We enjoyed a visit from the police too! We got to sit in the car, look at the lights and hear about how they keep us safe.


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