Staying healthy

Staying healthy

"Munch and Move is a NSW health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time."

At lakeview preschool we are very involved in the "munch and move" program. The Educators at our centre ensure that we practice the munch and move principles every single day. We aim to provide the children with the tools they need for a healthy, happy lifestyle. We offer the children a balanced diet, that ensures they have the recommended daily requirements of healthy food.

In the Koala room we sit with the children and show them pictures of different foods that are healthy for us. We also encourage the children daily to express themselves and move around the room for free dance experiences. The Koala's love following the actions of "if your happy and you know it" and " the wheels on the bus". The Koala room, like the Wallaby and Platypus rooms encourage water as a drink, and we will always sit with the children to have our drinks together.

In the Wallaby room the children love to practice the fundamental movements of jumping and hopping. We speak with the children about the importance of eating healthy and encourage the children through giving them apples and carrots for a snack after their lunch. Courtney and Bek will take the children from the Wallaby room outside to practice some jumping and running, as well as doing yoga, which the children love.

In the Platypus room we aim to speak to the children daily about making healthy choices for their bodies. We speak about how important it is to eat healthy foods to help our bodies to grow big and strong. The children from the Platypus room love going outside to run and jump each day, and we practice some more complex activities through setting up an obstacle course or balance beam. The children also love to dance, we dance everyday in the Platypus room and use things such as scarves and beanbags to help with our hand eye coordination.

We also have many special friends who come during the year to talk with the children about healthy eating and physical activity. We really enjoy having Soccerman come and teach the children the fundamentals of ball skills, as well as the Life Education Program with Healthy Harold, who will be visiting very soon. 


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