Wallaby Room (2-3 years)

Hi, we are known as the Wallaby Room and accommodate for children aged 2-3 years. We have two educators main educators in our room, whose names are Bek and Nat. Bek is the room leader and has been worked at Lakeview before for 6 years, but after a short break and gaining some knowledge in the Family Day Care sector, is back. She has been working in childcare for the past 6 years. She has completed her certificate 3 in Children's services and her Diploma in Childrens' services. She is one of the supervisors in the centre. Nat has been working at the centre for over a year but has over 20 years experience as well as completing her Cert III in Children's Services, she is over halfway completing her Diploma in Children's Services. They both love working at the centre and are passionate about helping the children develop their skills and expand on their knowledge, whilst building strong relationships with families and the wider community.

The current required ratio is 1 staff member per 5 children for this age group. In our room we have ten children a day. At this age we focus a lot on self-help skills and encouraging the children to become independent as they start toilet training and other various tasks like feeding or dressing themselves. Each day we set up experiences encouraging the children to learn about things like their colours, alphabet or numbers etc by using their interests from their home environment.

We are lucky enough to be working in the centre’s newest room- being two years old. Our room is set up to include different areas of learning such as a block area, quiet area where they can read or do puzzles etc, a home corner and three table experiences.Our activities are changed regularly to accommodate for the children’s interests and events or topics such as Australia Day or learning about beach safety. We also have story and music time, where the children are encouraged to sit together as we read a story or get out the musical instruments to play. 

The Wallaby room has individual parent communication folders that are filled out daily. These folders contain information including sleep times, quantities of food eaten and space to outline what each child enjoyed doing at school that day. We are in the process of becoming more environmentally friendly so we take photo's of these charts and post them onto the communication app that we used called Kinderloop. We highly encourage and respect open communication between ourselves and parents and welcome parent participation.

We share a large backyard with the older children. By staggering outdoor time with the Platypus room, we have opportunities to both interact and learn from the older children, and also times to just explore and play with only our age group.