Photo Gallery

Take a look at all of the fun times we have had at Lakeview Preschool!

Airlie spent some time to create a car for her tiny teddy biscuit for Teddy Bears Picnic.Alexander enjoyed exploring the new 0-2 yard on the fire truck.Alivia made a tower out of duplo, she worked on this for a while.Brax used a pipe to roll out the sand in the sandpit.
Charlette travelled far and wide in the boat, rowing her way through the deep seas.The bikes are a big part of our outdoor program, the children love using these as you can see by Charlottes big smile.Cooper improved his fine motor skills by threading drink lids and straw pieces onto yarn.The children all help to look after our garden and our veggie garden. Darcy here is using one of the watering cans to take special care of the new plants that have gone in.
The sandpit is another big part of the outdoor curriculum, by Dominic's face you can tell that he is having lots of fun cooking with the sand.The children love creating with the loose parts, here is Ellise using the large loose parts outside to create.Here is Evelyn, using the basic container to create her own experience. She has just finished using it as a hat.The 2-6 year old yard has this built in car track, Isaac enjoyed making his car do tricks.